We are aware of supply issues with many HRT products and are reassured that some are only temporary.

However in the meantime, prescribers can usually find equivalent types by looking at the oestrogen and progestogen component and matching it as closely as possible to another brand.

An example is Kliofem instead of Elleste Duet Conti. In some instances an exact match is not possible and this chart on the BMS website and this one on the Menopause Matters website, will help to clarify equivalent doses. Sometimes it will be necessary to prescribe the oestrogen and progestogen separately to make the closest match or find a suitable alternative.

Note: Different brands for the same medication may vary in appearance or excipients.

Angelique is discontinued, many others have temporary supply issues which we hope will soon resolve.

For BMS members, prescribing queries can be posted on the BMS forum for clarification.

Kathy Abernethy