To mark World Menopause Day 2021, the British Menopause Society has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme ‘Menopause: The Change is Here’, empowering, supporting and educating women to help provide a better understanding of the menopause transition and its impact, as well as protect their long-term health.

Symptoms associated with this life stage come in many different forms, forcing an alarming percentage of women to leave their careers due to the physical and mental effects on wellbeing.  However, in the last few years a new generation of women are speaking out where their mothers and grandmothers may have suffered in silence, and we want to continue that conversation.

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Louise Minchin from the ITN Studios, Menopause: The Change is Here shines a spotlight on the impact menopausal symptoms have on women’s health and careers,addressing the misinformation that still surrounds the subject.  The programme will show viewers how to access good advice, recognise the diverse symptoms, understand more about the importance of managing hormone health and explore the treatment options available. The programme will also explore the vital work being done by leading organisations to ensure women are supported in the workplace, highlighting the new approaches to changes in workplace policy and education.

Menopause: The Change is Here will give straight talking and honest accounts and advice from experts in female hormones as well as first-hand experiences, showing how it is not just older women who go through the menopause and how men should also be included in the conversation. The programme will also explore the work being done by the  British Menopause Society to improve education, support, long-term health and wellbeing for all women across all demographics so that every woman is able to benefit from receiving the same high- quality levels of treatment regardless of their income level or background and ethnicity.

Haitham Hamoda, Chair of the British Menopause Society saidManagement of the menopause should include a holistic and individualised approach in assessing and advising women, with particular reference to lifestyle advice and diet modification (exercise, optimising weight and reducing alcohol intake). This should be an opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their management options including HRT and complementary therapies”.

Sara Moger, CEO of the British Menopause Society said: Menopause is a major life event that can affect women in a variety of ways. The menopause marks the end of the reproductive life cycle and its impact can be both short and long term. The British Menopause Society believes that all women should have access to accurate information, and be able to seek advice on how to optimise their menopause transition and the years beyond. Management should also be individualised to the needs of each woman rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach”.

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said:“We’re delighted to be producing a programme in partnership with the British Menopause Society that addresses the existing taboo surrounding the menopause.  We are excited to be part of a movement that continues to challenge perceptions and raises greater understanding about the importance of hormone health, bringing to the fore exciting new developments in research, treatments, workplace agendas and policy, leading women’s health into the future.”

Amplifying voices from charity ambassadors, leaders in healthcare,government and the community for World Menopause Day and beyond, Menopause: The Change is Here will combine interviews with the industry figures, news-style reports and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations. The programme will launch on World Menopause Day, Monday 18 October 2021.

For further information, or to participate in the programme, please contact: Georgia Gerstein, Senior Programme Director, ITN Productions Industry News: