The BMS Principles and Practice of Menopause Care (PPMC) training programme comprises progressive theory and practical training components that lead to a qualification in menopause care.  It is designed for doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in menopause care, including those engaged in community, primary and secondary care.  Trainees must be registered with the GMC/NMC/GPhC and hold current BMS membership.

The PPMC programme is recognised by the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

BMS Menopause Trainers are responsible for supervising and signing off the practical training and e-portfolios of trainees undertaking the PPMC programme.

Apply to become a BMS Menopause Trainer

Trainers are responsible for supervising training and signing off the e-portfolio for the trainee, including the workplace-based assessments and clinical competencies set out in the PPMC curriculum (PDF, 515KB).

Trainers may train more than one trainee at any time, provided that they have capacity and that this will not compromise the trainees’ training.

There is no centralised charging structure for training. Charging is at the discretion of trainers and/or their employers.

A list of BMS Menopause Trainers will be available to trainees, on request.

Criteria for applying to become a BMS menopause trainer

  • All BMS Menopause Specialists are eligible, and encouraged, to become BMS Menopause Trainers.
  • Trainers must be actively involved in teaching and assessment of healthcare professionals and have their role in training, supervision and teaching included in their job plan and documented at their annual appraisal.
  • Trainers must be up to date with CPD and appraisals within their own working structure and be trained in equality and diversity.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Trainers should discuss the curriculum with, and provide guidance to, trainees prior to commencing training.
  • Trainers should confirm that trainees have attended a recognised menopause course as set out in the PPMC curriculum.
  • Trainers should undertake regular appraisal and feedback meetings with trainees to ensure that educational objectives are being met.
  • Trainers should confirm that training is complete and notify the BMS office.
  • Trainer re-certification is required every three years and trainers must confirm that they still fulfil the defined criteria.

Applying to become a BMS Menopause Trainer

Complete the online application form, attaching your CV and supporting evidence.

Note: You will not be able to save a copy of this form prior to submission.  Please read through the form and make sure that you have all the required information available.

Successful applicants will be shown on the register of BMS Menopause Trainers.

If there is any uncertainty as to whether or not criteria are met, the application will be reviewed by the BMS Medical Advisory Council and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, at their discretion.

Recertification is required every three years, when Trainers will be asked to confirm that they still fulfil the criteria.
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