BMS PPMC Resources Toolkit

The BMS PPMC Resources Toolkit provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based, peer reviewed resources that answer the key questions in menopause care. They incorporate recommendations for best practice from the NICE Guideline Menopause: Diagnosis and Management (NG23) and they are regularly reviewed and updated.

The Toolkit includes videos, consensus statements, infographics, tools for clinicians and fact sheets for women, all free to access via the British Menopause Society and Women’s Health Concern websites. It also provides links to other trusted websites and resources.

All resources are designed for healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care – GPs, practice & specialist nurses, gynaecologists, SRH specialists, pharmacists, O&G/GP trainees, physiotherapists – plus those working in other areas to support women and their partners.

The Toolkit will equip everyone with an understanding of the menopause – its diagnosis and management – and it points to next steps and further information for those who want to develop their interest in menopause care.

For trusted information and practical guidance to answer the key questions in menopause care, click on the boxes below.

What is the menopause?

What is the role of the British Menopause Society?

What are the NICE Menopause: Diagnosis and Management (NG23) recommendations?

What are the benefits and risks of HRT?

What are the considerations with regard to HRT and breast cancer?

What are the alternative treatment options to HRT?

What are the considerations with regard to menopause and long-term health?

Where can I find trusted information for women and their partners?

Where can I find information about menopause in the workplace?

How do I develop my interest in menopause care?