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What are the benefits and risks of HRT?

The resources on this page are evidence-based, peer reviewed and focus on addressing the key question What are the benefits and risks of HRT?


BMS TV is a series of short videos covering some of the key topics in menopause care by leading specialists in their field.

BMS TV – Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Kathy Abernethy, Director of Menopause Services, Peppy Health, and Trustee – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What is HRT? What are the types of HRT? Which preparation should I take? Is there a difference? How long could I take it for? If a patient had a hysterectomy would her HRT intake be different? What are the side effects? What are benefits of HRT? What are the risks of HRT?

Practical prescribing

Miss Lynne Robinson, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and Member – BMS medical advisory council, answers these FAQs: What are the hormones included in HRT? What is oestrogen used for in HRT? How can oestrogen be taken? Should I take oestrogen by tablet, gel or patch? What is the difference? Do I need to take progestogen with HRT? How should I take it? Is there an advantage in taking natural (micronised) progesterone? Could the Mirena IUS be used as part of HRT?

BMS TV – Bioidentical hormones

Mr Haitham Hamoda, Consultant Gynaecologist, King’s College Hospital, and Chairman – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What are bioidentical hormones? What is the difference between compounded bioidentical hormones and conventionally prescribed HRT? Are there benefits with regulated bioidentical hormones? Can I get bioidentical / body similar hormone preparations on the NHS?

BMS TV – Testosterone

Professor Nick Panay, Consultant Gynaecologist, Imperial College and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals London, and Past Chairman and Trustee – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What is testosterone and what is its role in women? Is testosterone replacement effective in managing menopausal symptoms? What symptoms does it help with? Is testosterone replacement safe? How long could it be taken for? Are there side effects with testosterone replacement? How is testosterone replacement given? What are the currently available options in the UK?

BMS TV – HRT and bleeding

Dr Paula Briggs, Consultant in Sexual & Reproductive Health, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Chair Elect – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What are the bleeding patterns that could be expected with HRT? I am taking a cyclical HRT preparation that is giving me a monthly bleed. Can I change to a non-bleed preparation? Is bleeding in the first few months of starting HRT a cause for concern? When does this need to be investigated? What are the causes of irregular bleeding in women on HRT? What investigations need to be carried out if I have ongoing irregular bleeding on HRT? Do I need to stop HRT or change how I take it if I have irregular bleeding on HRT?

BMS Tools for Clinicians

A range of resources developed for healthcare professionals to summarise NICE guidance and to clarify some of the most common myths and misconceptions of menopause.

Download HRT Guide PDF
HRT Guide

Download PDF

Download HRT – Practical Prescribing PDF
HRT – Practical Prescribing

Download PDF

Download HRT preparations and equivalent alternatives PDF
HRT preparations and equivalent alternatives

Download PDF

Download Testosterone replacement in menopause PDF
Testosterone replacement in menopause

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Download Progestogens and endometrial protection PDF
Progestogens and endometrial protection

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BMS Consensus Statements

BMS consensus statements are prepared by specialists from the medical advisory council and they are regularly updated. They are evidence-based, comprehensively referenced and peer reviewed.

Full consensus statements are usually a benefit of BMS membership but these full statements are available to non-members.

Consensus statement: HRT in menopausal women

Consensus statement: Bioidentical HRT

Other resources

BMS HRT supply updates

The British Menopause Society regularly issues HRT supply updates to provide guidance to BMS members and clinical practitioners on the current availability of HRT products.

Menopause Matters decision tree

Menopause Matters has developed an interactive flow chart to facilitate treatment decisions.

Information for women is available on the Women’s Health Concern website.