Date: 3 March 2022

Location: Crowne Plaza Chester, Chester Full details

Organiser: BMS

Duration: One day

CPD: 6 hours

Overview: Designed to help improve your practice and patient outcomes.
Covers practical information for diagnosis, treatment and management in specific therapy areas.
Provides the opportunity to network with both health experts and your peers.
Who should attend: The meeting is open to all health professionals – GPs, clinic doctors, gynaecologists, specialist and practice nurses, SRH specialists, O&G and GP trainees. We also welcome anyone allied to the health profession with an interest in women’s health.
We are not yet taking bookings for this meeting. In the meantime please Register your interest.
Enquiries: Nadine Verstringhe 01628 890199

This meeting is financially supported in part by the pharmaceutical industry through sponsorship but it has no influence over the meeting agenda.All lecturers are required to make a formal declaration of interests at the beginning of their presentation.


Besins Healthcare
Gedeon Richter
Novo Nordisk