Dr Margaret Upsdell

We have just received the sad news that Margaret Upsdell died peacefully on 11 June 2022. The funeral took place on 21 July. Margaret was a founder member of the Society and was appointed Honorary Secretary in 1993, working closely with Pat Patterson, the then Director of the British Menopause Society. Margaret retired as [...]

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Easier access to locally applied HRT to treat postmenopausal vaginal symptoms in landmark MHRA reclassification

From September women in the UK will be able to access Gina 10 microgram vaginal tablets without requiring a prescription For the first time ever in the UK, postmenopausal women will be able to access a low dose Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) product from their local pharmacies without prescription, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory [...]

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DHSC announces first women’s health strategy for England to tackle gender health gap

Major new research on women’s health issues to increase understanding of female specific health conditions and tackle the data gap to ensure diagnosis and treatment work for women. Ensuring all doctors are trained to provide the best care to women by introducing mandatory specific teaching and assessment on women’s health for all incoming graduating medical [...]

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Job Opportunity: Wellbeing of Women & NHSEI Clinical Fellow – Menopause

Wellbeing of Women is offering a unique opportunity to work with NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) to develop and begin to deliver a new approach to increase the number of primary and community care clinicians who ‘think menopause’ when women with perimenopause and menopause present to them. Its purpose is to raise primary and community [...]

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New Menopause Practice Standards

New menopause practice standards have been launched today to help guide and support health professionals delivering menopause care. The purpose of the standards is to provide evidence-based recommendations and guidance on best menopause practice in line with current national and international guidelines and recommendations. Click here to read the standards in full. The Menopause Practice [...]

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DHSC announce the appointment of Professor Dame Lesley Regan as the first Women’s Health Ambassador

The British Menopause Society congratulates Professor Dame Lesley Regan on her historic appointment as the government’s first ever Women’s Health Ambassador for England. Dame Lesley has worked in women’s health for 42 years. In her new role, she will drive system-level changes to close the gender health gap and support the implementation of the upcoming [...]

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BMS statement on over-the-counter menopause tests

The British Menopause Society (BMS) does not recommend over-the-counter menopause tests.  They are not a good method of detecting menopause or perimenopause. Haitham Hamoda, Chair of the BMS, said:  "These tests are limited by only measuring FSH, rather than looking at the wider clinical picture.  We would encourage women to seek support from a healthcare [...]

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Optimising the menopause transition: Joint position statement by the BMS, RCOG and SfE on best practice recommendations for the care of women experiencing the menopause

Best practice recommendations for healthcare professionals providing help and support to women experiencing the menopause have been issued in a joint position statement from the British Menopause Society (BMS), Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Society for Endocrinology (SfE). The statement is in response to growing concerns around hormone replacement therapy (HRT) [...]

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