BMS/RCOG response to Breast Cancer Now Generations Study on HRT use and breast cancer risk

BMS/RCOG response to the findings that the effect of combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in increasing a woman’s risk of breast cancer is likely to have been underestimated by a number of previous studies.

23 August 2016|

Breast Cancer Now study finds the effect of combined HRT on breast cancer risk is likely to have been underestimated

The effect of combined HRT in increasing a woman’s risk of breast cancer is likely to have been underestimated by a number of previous studies, according to a new prospective study published in the British Journal of Cancer.

23 August 2016|

Estrogen may not be the answer for improving memory

The role of HRT in improving cognitive abilities such as verbal memory continues to be debated, with lack of clarity around the role of menopausal estroegn lack, and hence the role of hormone replacement, along with the role of simply ageing.

16 August 2016|

Breast cancer mortality and use of HRT

Many women and healthcare professionals continue to be concerned about the association of HRT use and breast cancer.

25 July 2016|

Media interest in new BMS survey

The findings of a new survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the BMS were revealed at our annual conference today and have generated significant interest in the press.

19 May 2016|

Are women suffering in silence? New BMS survey puts spotlight on significant impact of menopause

Findings presented at our annual conference today show only half of women surveyed in Great Britain (who are currently experiencing or who have experienced menopausal symptoms within the past ten years) consult a healthcare professional for any of their menopause symptoms.

19 May 2016|

HRT may prevent heart disease

While the recently published NICE guideline on diagnosis and management of the menopause stated that HRT does not increase the risk of heart disease when started in women aged under 60, it did not recommend the use of HRT to prevent heart disease since the evidence was not conclusive enough.

4 May 2016|

Cardiovascular death risk after stopping HRT

A study from Finland reported an increase in mortality rate from cardiac death or stroke compared both to the baseline population and to women who continued taking HRT.

4 May 2016|

Bone loss after stopping HRT

A 15 year follow up study from Finland has confirmed previous knowledge that that women who stop HRT experience loss of bone mineral density and increased risk of wrist fracture.

4 May 2016|

Does acupuncture reduce hot flushes?

Acupuncture has often be used as a treatment for hot flushes but effectiveness is unclear. A group in Australia studied the effect of acupuncture compared to sham acupuncture in a randomised trial.

2 February 2016|