New Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy launched to seek a cure for osteoporosis

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (formerly the National Osteoporosis Society) has announced plans to set up an academy to bring together the best minds, leading researchers, clinicians and academics in the field to advance the scientific knowledge of osteoporosis and bone health and ultimately to find a cure for the condition. The Osteoporosis and Bone Research [...]

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World Menopause Day media coverage

To mark World Menopause Day last week, a new online register of BMS-recognised menopause specialists throughout the UK and Ireland was launched. Click on the links below to hear Chairman Kathy Abernethy on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and watch Sara Moger, BMS CEO on Channel 5 News talking about it. Kathy Abernethy on Woman's Hour  [...]

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Survey Launch Thursday 17 May – HIV & menopause

UCL are launching the results of an HIV and menopause questionnaire survey today, Thursday 17 May. Kathy Abernethy is part of the Q&A panel and has summarised the key points of the survey results. Menopause in women living with HIV - PRIME Study 2018 IN 2016, 10,350 women living with HIV aged between 45 and [...]

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Prescribable alternatives to HRT

Most prescribable alternatives to HRT have been evaluated for their impact on vaso-motor symptoms.  Some of them also have an impact on mood and well-being.  The class effect of the drug is important in selecting what is likely to be the best alternative for your patient. Click here to see a new document produced by [...]

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New BMS CBT course for menopause symptoms

Excellent evaluations for this first ever BMS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  course, brilliantly facilitated by Dr Melanie Smith and Dr Janet Balabanovic. The group comprised HCPs from a diverse array of disciplines and included lots of new faces, BMS members, two delegates from Denmark and one each from Australia, Greece, Malta and Romania  - and founder [...]

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