Management of the Menopause

The essential handbook for healthcare professionals working in post reproductive health

Informed, balanced, objective

Sixth edition. Published by the British Menopause Society 2017
Paperback. 180 pages with comprehensive references and index

“A rapid update of evidence-based guidance, which should improve the care of women in mid-life throughout the UK and beyond”
Professor Mary Ann Lumsden

Incorporating the recommendations for best practice from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guideline Menopause: Diagnosis and Management Published in November 2015

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Reviewer: Linda Cardozo, Professor of Urogynaecology and Consultant Gynaecologist, King’s College Hospital, London.
Chairman, British Menopause Society 2001-03

Management of the Menopause 6th edition is the new updated British Menopause Society handbook. It is a must for all healthcare professionals advising and treating women for peri and post menopausal problems. The text has been extensively updated following the publication of the 5th edition in 2009, largely as a result of the NICE guidance on “Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause” which was published in November 2015. As a result of this, changes in management have been highlighted. The book has been divided into four digestable sections: the menopause and its implications for post menopausal health, assessment, investigations and screening, general management strategies, and a final section on women with specific clinical problems such as premature menopause.

The updated advice on both oestrogen based and non oestrogen treatments is particularly helpful for those clinicians advising women regarding the possible therapeutic options. Unfortunately the carbon dioxide laser treatment which is becoming popular particularly for women with urogenital atrophy who are unsuitable for oestrogen therapy such as those who have had breast cancer, has not been mentioned largely because evidence is not yet available from randomised controlled trials.

The overall style of the book makes it easy to read and the majority of the text would certainly be understood by lay people as well as healthcare professionals. Tim Hillard and his co-authors are to be congratulated on producing such an informative concise and readable handbook for the British Menopause Society.

Reviewer: David Sturdee, MD, FRCOG.
Chairman, British Menopause Society 1995-97.
President, International Menopause Society 2008-11

Managing the menopause and post-reproductive health is not always straightforward, and for many doctors and nurses who have not had particular training in the field, the recent years of adverse publicity have resulted in a lack of confidence in discussing and treating menopausal issues. This manual provides a comprehensive resource covering every aspect with the latest guidance and peer reviewed evidence, such as from NICE. In an ideal world this book would be available in every clinic dealing with post-reproductive health, to give the staff confidence and reassurance that they are providing the optimum care for their patients.

Reviewer: Patrick Shervington, Trustee, British Menopause Society and Women’s Health Concern

Management of the Menopause is an outstandingly good handbook; balanced, independent and non-promotional. It is strongly recommended for all medical practitioners involved with and interested in women’s health.

Prepared by well-respected specialists, with many years of practical experience in primary and secondary care, the latest edition draws on the publication in November 2015 of the NICE Guideline: Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause. This guideline is recognised as a landmark in addressing the broad sweep of issues associated with menopause.

The British Menopause Society publication has been meticulously researched and peer reviewed. Evidence-based, it is presented with great clarity and is well-referenced and indexed. It conforms to the essential principles of a sound textbook: interesting, accurate, relevant, readable and current.

It should be widely available and used by GPs, nurses and gynaecologists. New BMS members and health professionals who attend the Special Skills Module for Menopause care receive a complimentary copy of Management of the Menopause.

Reviewer: Kate Brian, Trustee, British Menopause Society and RCOG Women’s Voices Lead

It is a somewhat daunting task to be asked to write a lay review of a book aimed at healthcare professionals, but Management of the Menopause is a book many lay readers would absolutely love to discover. Clearly written in an accessible way, it is packed with accurate evidence-based information covering everything you might want or need to know about the menopause.

Starting with an explanation of what the menopause is and the symptoms women may experience, it goes on to cover diagnosis, treatment, impact and long-term effects. There are chapters on sexual health and contraception, osteoporosis, on premature ovarian insufficiency and on how the menopause affects women with existing medical conditions. Every aspect is covered, and information on complementary and alternative therapies with an assessment of the scientific evidence for their efficacy is particularly welcome to the lay reader.

Many women feel anxious about HRT and the straightforward information in Management of the Menopause covering the medical options for helping with menopausal symptoms explores the risks and benefits of HRT in an open way, including previous and more current research. The information about bo-identical hormone therapy is also very useful to the lay reader as there is often an assumption that this is more “natural” and safer than HRT.

Inevitably, there are some sections of the book where the fact that it is aimed at heathcare professionals is more evident than others, but that doesn’t mean that it would not be recommended to a lay reader who wants factual evidence. All too often, women struggle to find the guidance they need when experiencing menopausal symptoms and may be given conflicting advice. For them, this book would be a godsend to help them to make properly informed decisions.

What is even more important, however, is that Management of the Menopause is read by healthcare professionals, particularly GPs who are often a first port of call. Many women are still being given out-of-date advice despite the guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and being confident about the most recent evidence on the subject would help GPs to help women.

Management of the Menopause should not just be on your bookshelf, you should have read it cover-to-cover. It really is a complete guide to the menopause, and one which is highly recommended whether you are a gynaecologist, a GP, a nurse or a lay reader who wants to know more about this phase of life.

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