The BMS has developed a range of resources to support healthcare professionals and others working in the area of post reproductive health.

All BMS resources are evidence based, peer reviewed and they incorporate recommendations for best practice from the NICE Guideline Menopause: Diagnosis and Management, published in November 2015.

  • NICE Guideline
    The NICE Guideline: Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause provides healthcare professionals with evidence-based information and enables women to better understand the consequences of the menopause and make informed choices about their treatment.
  • BMS Vision for menopause care
    This consensus statement, prepared on behalf of the BMS medical advisory council, sets out the fundamental principles that should underpin menopause service provision in the UK.
  • BMS Handbook
    Management of the Menopause, Sixth Edition is a practical guide for healthcare professionals and others wishing to learn about best practice in menopause and post reproductive health.
  • Post Reproductive Health Journal
    The official journal of the BMS is a MEDLINE indexed, peer reviewed source of news, research and opinion.
  • BMS Consensus Statements
    BMS Consensus Statements, prepared by specialists from the medical advisory council, are evidence-based, comprehensively referenced and peer reviewed. They address key disorders and controversial topics relating to menopause and post reproductive health.
  • BMS Tools for Clinicians
    A range of resources clarifying some of the most common myths and misconceptions of menopause, summarising the NICE Guideline, and providing guidance on HRT.
  • BMS TV
    A series of short videos covering some of the key topics in menopause care by leading specialists in their field.
  • Recommended reading
    Recommended reading for healthcare professionals.