Delivered by the International Menopause Society (IMS)

BMS members MaryAnn Lumsden, Tim Hillard and Nick Panay have been involved with the development of these modules.

The International Menopause Society Professional Activity for Refresher Training or “IMPART” course, aimed at both primary care practitioners and hospital specialists, was launched at the World Congress on the Menopause in Vancouver in June 2018. MPART delivers evidence-based educational material to improve women’s health care around and after the menopause. IMPART is accessible on line, is cost free* and available across the world.

View modules and register at the IMS website.

* while enrolment and the self learning modules are at no cost, in order to receive the IMS Certificate of Completion, you will need to be either a member of the IMS or join as an Associate Member (£10 year).